Friday, September 7, 2012

Quilt & Craft Show..

My sister Linda is visiting us this week from Brisbane, Australia. Linda is a fantastic hand knitter, as well as being the co-owner of Threads and More in Brisbane. She was very keen to go down to Hamilton to catch up with some suppliers who were exhibiting at the Quilt  & Craft Show.

 I am a lover of fabrics, and do a bit of sewing myself. But I'm afraid that the thought of all those quilts was a daunting prospect. I am in total 'awe' of quilters, or for that matter any form of fabric work.

The quilts on display were true works of art, and some were more like paintings. Here are a few pics I took of some of them I'm sure that you'll agree they are amazing...

This is a small section of a quilt  by an Australian quilter. The theme of this quilt was Aboriginal art, all of the dots are hand stitched, the colours are stunning.

Looking more like a painting than a quilt, this is just gorgeous..

This quilt is based on a Japanese theme..

The subject for this is The World, I love the black & white effect, the photo does not do this justice, there are words of peace and a dove embroidered onto the quilt..... 

All I have to say to all of you out there in blogland who are quilters, a big 'hats off' to you all, what a talented , patient bunch of people you are.

Angela xx 



Beautiful work! Like you say-more like paintings. Have fun with your sister.

Evette Mendisabal

Those are incredible works of art!!!

Sylvia K

These are amazing, Angela, I love them! Works of art they are indeed! Enjoy your visit with your sister!! How fun!


My youngest son is waiting fairly patiently for me to finish a quilt for him. It's more the simple and functional type. The quilts in your photos are astounding!


Wonderful pictures of the quilts! That's a real art form!

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