Thursday, June 28, 2012

What can I say...

I'm feeling a bit like this...  jaded, uninspired, tired...

I'm sure it has a lot to do with Winter, dark when I get up, dark by the time I get home...

How're you doing?  Do the seasons effect you?

Angela xx

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Snap It - On the Ground

Autumn leaves on the ground at the Auckland Botannical Gardens....

Join the rest of us in this great meme

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wintery Wednesday #5

Tomorrow 21st June is the shortest day of the year...  after tomorrow the days will slowly, very slowly start to get longer.
That does not mean that Winter is over, not in the least, we still have a few months to go.

Today we are bracing ourselves for a huge storm that is coming up from the Antarctic. Anything that comes from the South is very cold and wet.

This was the scene driving home last Friday, we had a gorgeous Winters day, the sun was setting, at about 5pm.  Cold and frosty.

On Sunday I visited a beach about an hours drive south from home, although it wasn't raining, it was windy and cold.
Hope the weather is warm and fine at your part of the world.

Angela xx

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Beautiful Polynesian Wedding..

Last month I was at the Auckland Botannical Gardens, doing my other favourite past time, watching people. My photography passion and people watching go hand in hand, and I like photographing people when they are not watching....I don't mean in a 'paparazzi' way, but more in a 'candid' way.

Sometimes, if I feel it is warranted, I ask if it is ok for me to take photos, and this is what happened with 'My Beautiful Polynesian Weddding'. There they were, a huge wedding party, colourful, happy and just too wonderful for me not to photograph. So, I stood back and watched, and decided to approach this lady who was obviously one of the 'Mothers'. In this case, it was the 'Mother of the Bride'. I explained to her that I was part of a Camera Club and we were doing a Set Subject on people in the city and would they mind if I took some photos.

Not only did she not mind, the bride and groom had no problem either...
I was very careful not to get in the way of the guests who were taking photos...

Here are a few of the photos that I took.....

I took a total of 55 photos that I emailed to the Mother of the Bride ( Aitauahemoka Tonga), she sent me a wonderful email thanking me for the photos...

I felt honored to be given permission to be part of this wonderful family, even if it was only for a short time.

Angela xx

Friday, June 15, 2012

Retiring Instructors...

For the past 20 years I have been involved in the martial art Taekwon-do,  currently I am a 2nd Dan black belt, and up until the beginning of this year was an Instructor , together with my hubby Phil, of a club here in Waiuku where we live, and have also instructed at my own club in another part of Auckland
Last year, Phil and I found that his work commitments were making it harder for him to be at club on a regular basis, and I was unable to take the club on my own. We made the decision to close our club, and retire as Instructors. A very difficult decision to make, but one we felt was best for the two of us.

Last weekend we were asked to attend the regional tournament, of the region we belong to. This is where all the clubs get together to compete against one another. Phil was there to help judge, and I was there to take photos. (Surprise, surprise.)

Halfway through the competition the tournament was stopped, and everyone formed up. And Phil and I were completely taken by surprise when we were presented with a trophy each in recognition to the work that we have done with our students, and the support that we have given our organisation.

We have trained, and graded with a wonderful group of people, who we consider to be friends as well as family..

We have had students train with us from white belt through to black belt and then have them represent  New Zealand at the World Champs..

We have had overwhelming sadness with the sudden deaths of young students who were such a part of our lives...

We have had such happiness being part of family celebrations, from weddings to newborn babies..

Like a couple of parents we have nurtured, encouraged and watched our students grow..

Students from my Ardmore club that I trained from white belt, this was taken just before they all went for their Black Belts...

Taken at the International Instructors Conference
Taken with the Masters from USA and Argentina, with our student Rory..

Although we have retired from instructing, I know that we will always be involved in some way with Taekwon-Do.

 I have been asked to photograph training sessions with the team that is going to England for the World Cup, and Phil has been asked to help out at tournaments...

Angela xx  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wintery Wednesday #4

Can't believe that a week has gone by and this is my only post.  Very busy at the moment, work is horrendous and I am exhausted when I get home. The last couple of weekends have been busy with different events..more on that tomorrow.

For now here are my pics for my Wintery Wednesday project. Overnight we got down to -3celsius, that is very cold. Not windy, or rainy, just frosty.Today has been brilliant, sunny and not a cloud in the sky.

When I parked the car, while visiting a client this afternoon, I noticed these ducks all together trying to keep warm, not sure why they weren't sitting in the sunshine.

And then when I walked past the pond these two were sitting together trying hard to warm up..

I wonder why they were standing on one leg?

Have a great week,
Angela xx

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wintery Wednesday #3

It is darker earlier these days, and by 5pm the sun is starting to set. By the time I get home from work, which is only a 20minute drive, it is nearly dark.

These photos were taken a few days ago, one on my way home from work, and the other when I arrived home it was crisp, cold and clear.

Hope you are enjoying some warm, sunny weather ..

Sunset at about 5pm, on the way home from work.

The moon was high in the sky, and it was clear and crisp, taken in our garden.
 Angela xx

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Queen Elizabeth and I celebrate 60 years...

What a weekend, not only was it a long weekend here in New Zealand ( Queens Birthday Weekend) it had a double meaning. This year 2012 is the celebration of Queen Elizabeth II, 60 years on the throne, and of just the same importance, or perhaps, more importance is my celebration of turning 60.

So it got me thinking how would I compare my birthday to the Queens celebration, well there is no comparison, my birthday was by far more important....  after all do you think she had a cake like this?

Home made Vanilla Lemon cake with butter icing and decorated with M&M's..
I doubt it, she probably had to share her cake with hundreds of people.

Or was she able to go for a walk along the beach with her favourite pooch?

I don't think so..

And what about joining her daughter for a photo walk of a local waterfall and capturing a view like this?

Wearing nothing but a pair of paint spattered, old track pants?

No way, instead she had to get all dressed up, travel down the Thames with hundreds and thousands of people wishing her well, she had to go to a concert put on just for her and endure all those fireworks at the end..

The Gloriana taking the Queen down the Thames

NZ Waka escorting the Queen

She certainly looked beautiful and happy..

Congratulations HRH, you certainly had a celebration worthy of you, just as I had a celebration worthy of me

Have a great week everyone - Angela xx

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