Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Queen Elizabeth and I celebrate 60 years...

What a weekend, not only was it a long weekend here in New Zealand ( Queens Birthday Weekend) it had a double meaning. This year 2012 is the celebration of Queen Elizabeth II, 60 years on the throne, and of just the same importance, or perhaps, more importance is my celebration of turning 60.

So it got me thinking how would I compare my birthday to the Queens celebration, well there is no comparison, my birthday was by far more important....  after all do you think she had a cake like this?

Home made Vanilla Lemon cake with butter icing and decorated with M&M's..
I doubt it, she probably had to share her cake with hundreds of people.

Or was she able to go for a walk along the beach with her favourite pooch?

I don't think so..

And what about joining her daughter for a photo walk of a local waterfall and capturing a view like this?

Wearing nothing but a pair of paint spattered, old track pants?

No way, instead she had to get all dressed up, travel down the Thames with hundreds and thousands of people wishing her well, she had to go to a concert put on just for her and endure all those fireworks at the end..

The Gloriana taking the Queen down the Thames

NZ Waka escorting the Queen

She certainly looked beautiful and happy..

Congratulations HRH, you certainly had a celebration worthy of you, just as I had a celebration worthy of me

Have a great week everyone - Angela xx



Happy Birthday to you Angela!


hee hee this was fun
happy birthday
you don't look a day over 35


Great post Angela.
I want a slice of that cake.
HAPPY 60th!!!!!!
It sounded awesome.
Love you!!


That is pretty cool about your birthday. I want some of that cake. It looks so yummy.

Sylvia K

Happy, Happy Birthday, Angela!! It does sound as though you had a great one -- you youngster, you!! I'll be 80 soon!! I've really enjoyed watching the Queen and celebrations the past couple of days and what a celebration it has been! She's a great lady! Enjoy your week!!



Happy Birthday!!

And, in all honesty, your birthday celebration looks way more fun!!


Happy Birthday, Angela! I bet you had more fun than SHE did!

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Wishing you a very happy birthday Angela....We'd say that your birthday topped her celebration ~ the cake alone zooms your's to the top :) Hope you enjoyed your day....and we wish you a lovely year!

Evette Mendisabal

Hmmmm ... I don't think she looks anywhere near as beautiful as you! I love you Mum! Glad you ahd a great b'day!

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