Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Beautiful Polynesian Wedding..

Last month I was at the Auckland Botannical Gardens, doing my other favourite past time, watching people. My photography passion and people watching go hand in hand, and I like photographing people when they are not watching....I don't mean in a 'paparazzi' way, but more in a 'candid' way.

Sometimes, if I feel it is warranted, I ask if it is ok for me to take photos, and this is what happened with 'My Beautiful Polynesian Weddding'. There they were, a huge wedding party, colourful, happy and just too wonderful for me not to photograph. So, I stood back and watched, and decided to approach this lady who was obviously one of the 'Mothers'. In this case, it was the 'Mother of the Bride'. I explained to her that I was part of a Camera Club and we were doing a Set Subject on people in the city and would they mind if I took some photos.

Not only did she not mind, the bride and groom had no problem either...
I was very careful not to get in the way of the guests who were taking photos...

Here are a few of the photos that I took.....

I took a total of 55 photos that I emailed to the Mother of the Bride ( Aitauahemoka Tonga), she sent me a wonderful email thanking me for the photos...

I felt honored to be given permission to be part of this wonderful family, even if it was only for a short time.

Angela xx


The Summer Kitchen Girls

What a beautiful wedding party....I adore the colors they chose! Isn't that sweet that they welcomed you in like family? They look like a happy bunch :)

Evette Mendisabal

So. Much. FUN!! I love that last group shot especially!!!


Man everyone is so beautiful.
Great shots.


I hope you got paid for these..they are marvelous...especially the little guy with the tongue..priceless

Sylvia K

These are terrific, Angie! And how wonderful that you were able to do this for the family and enjoy being a part of the fun as well! I can only imagine how much they are appreciated by the entire family! I do love that last shot!! Hooray!! Great job! Hope your week is going well -- I know theirs is now!!



These are great. I know that they loved what you took.


Some lovely photographs especially the candid ones.
Like that theme colour of purple and white.


First off, who could resist your charm? I mean really!
And what a beautiful wedding party, so many happy people in one place, you knocked it out of the park :)


I know you had fun doing this!! How wonderful that they got these extra candid shots!!!

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