Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wintery Wednesday #5

Tomorrow 21st June is the shortest day of the year...  after tomorrow the days will slowly, very slowly start to get longer.
That does not mean that Winter is over, not in the least, we still have a few months to go.

Today we are bracing ourselves for a huge storm that is coming up from the Antarctic. Anything that comes from the South is very cold and wet.

This was the scene driving home last Friday, we had a gorgeous Winters day, the sun was setting, at about 5pm.  Cold and frosty.

On Sunday I visited a beach about an hours drive south from home, although it wasn't raining, it was windy and cold.
Hope the weather is warm and fine at your part of the world.

Angela xx


Sylvia K

Gorgeous skies and I do love the roaring surf!! Terrific captures, Angela! And as you slowly move towards spring, we're moving towards fall -- funny, but I think we somehow missed spring! Today is our longest day of the year and what a delight! We have SUN and BLUE skies!! Hope your week is going well!



Our days will now get shorter, but barely noticeably for the first couple of weeks. Tonight the sun sets at just after 11 pm, and it doesn't get totally dark at all. Hopefully we'll have some nice warm weather in July and August; it's been very cool so far.
Beautiful shots, Angela! I love how the sun reflects off the wave tops, there is beautiful light in that shot.

The Summer Kitchen Girls

It was super hot the beginning of the week that burst of chilly air at the beach would have been welcomed!! We had a big storm last night and now it seems to be cooling a bit - yea!! Love the last shot of those waves coming inland....very pretty! Hope you enjoy your "longer" days ahead!!

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