Thursday, June 28, 2012

What can I say...

I'm feeling a bit like this...  jaded, uninspired, tired...

I'm sure it has a lot to do with Winter, dark when I get up, dark by the time I get home...

How're you doing?  Do the seasons effect you?

Angela xx



Yes they do! I feel like that on dark, dreary and rainy days. I feel my best when it is bright, sunny and cool;-)
Just remember,'This, too, shall pass'. Wishing you bright days ahead,


Yep, sure do. I love summer. Nice and warm, and plenty to do.
Winter gets me a little sad for me and the kids.

Sylvia K

They effect me, too. Seattle is a beautiful place with gorgeous skies and views, but the winter days are SO short and this year we had such a cold one with lots of snow and spring has just arrived although it's actually summer!!! We're having a heat wave if it gets to 70 degrees!! Hope you have some sun for the weekend, Angela!!



Come visit us in Bend, OR during our summer/your winter ... I will come visit you during our winter/your summer!!


Yes! Every year I think I will be able to combat it but every year I am defeated. I have a theory that I should be hibernating in the darkest winter months and my body does not understand why I am not! Hope the winter blues leave you soon!

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