Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wintery Wednesday

This week we have had our fire on every night, the coldest night the temp got down to 3celsius ( sorry not sure what that is in farenheit), and although we don't get any snow in our part of New Zealand it gets pretty cold.

What better way to show Wintery Wednesday than with images from inside our fire..

Have a great week..

Angela xx



Cosy! I have my fire on at the moment as the cat was looking cold! The sun has gone away today.


Cosy! I have my fire on at the moment as the cat was looking cold! The sun has gone away today.


oh I love your fire
Fireplaces are one of winters
benefits...and wool socks and jammies...and a fluffy robe...and hot chocolate or a glass of wine ...I love the feel of a cold floor in winter...childhood memory...goofy..I know...
But for now...I am enjoying our spring/summer...for all too soon the barreness of winter will be here and I will have to light our fireplace


No snow means nothing man it's still very cold in NZ in the winter months.
Thank goodness for warm fires to heat the place up or we would've frozen as kids.
We'd fight over who has to go outside and get the wood or coal.
Dad would chop and stack the wood each year.
They don't have too many REAL fires over here.
It's kinda sad in a way.
Love you Angela.

Sylvia K

I do love a fire in the winter! Great shots for the day, Angela! Hope you've had a great week! Enjoy your weekend and stay warm!


Evette Mendisabal

Ooooo, nice Mum! I always have to laugh at having to fight the dog for a spot in front of the fire. It's a good thing your fire does such a great job at heating the house.
The cold in NZ is so different than over here. Here it's dry cold and doesn't eat into your bones as the humid cold in NZ does. Sometimes I think the dry cold is more comfortable for day to day living.

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Love it Angela.....although the fires we have at the moment are outside to roast some marshmallows :) Either way, there is nothing that enchants you like the flames from the fire...don't you think?
wishing you a wonderful week!!
Karla & Karrie


Beautiful!! I love fire images!

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