Monday, May 7, 2012

Late Afternoon - Saturday - Waiuku Forest

Very late on Saturday afternoon we decided to drive to the forest and collect some pine cones for the fire.
A typical Autumn afternoon, warm in the sun but very cool in the shade.

All through the forest, on the side of the road there are clumps of New Zealand native grasses called Toetoe ( pronounced: toytoy), they have these wonderful white fluffy fronds. They were introduced from South America and are closely related to pampas grass.

The combination of lens flare, blue sky and water gave for some gorgeous shots.

Have a great week everyone. xx Angela



Beautiful pictures of the Toetoe grasses! Walking in or near the woods is one of my favorite things! That last shot is a beauty, too!
Have a great new week!


Man that 1st pic is outstanding Angela.
Thanks for sharing.

Sylvia K

Such beautiful captures, Angela! A different plant for me and your last shot is breathtaking! Isn't it wonderful to be able to capture sights like these!! Have a lovely week!



You really did get some amazing shots. What a wonderful place to go and visit. That first shot is absolutely stunning.

Little Nan

I agree, that first shot is stunning! A little magical too...

Evette Mendisabal

Love the first shot Mum. You captured the lens flare perfectly!

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