Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Photo Walk....

Today was my day to go up to the Auckland Botannical Gardens and take some photos, I know I keep saying it, but there is never a trip to the gardens that is not enjoyable and different.

When I left home it was foggy and cold and I was expecting it to be the same at the gardens, my thoughts were that there would be lots of watery cobwebs and moody foggy landscapes. How wrong could I be, there was no fog, and it was cloudy and warm with no signs of watery cobwebs and moody foggy landscapes. Instead I found the last signs of Autumn.....

An unexpected display of late poppies.....

And a steady stream of wedding groups coming in for photos, this group had a total of seventeen bridesmaids and four flowergirls....

Go to our 2daughters1mother3cameras blog to see more images ...

Angela xx



Great scenery and a lovely poppy image!
That's an awful lot of bridesmaids!!

Dorothy's my favorite time of the year! Lovely picture with the reflections in the water!
Just glad I didn't have to buy all those dresses!!!

Sylvia K

What a gorgeous fall day and what terrific captures, Angela!! I love the reflections on the water and the colors! Hope you have a beautiful weekend! Enjoy!



It is such fun to see what will turn up for photos. I love that second picture especially with the lovely reflection, and the blue clothed girls and that yellow flower make a lovely contrast.

Evette Mendisabal

Wow Mum, that reflection shot is stunning!


Beautiful beautiful image shares...your Autumn foliage is just so gorgeous, as are the blue gowns on the young girls.

Little Nan

Oh my...17!! Wow.
I wish Autumn could last just a little longer!! Winter tomorrow and already home with my first winter cold...yuk!


How beautiful!! This looks like a place I would love to visit :-)

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