Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wintertime Wednesday..

Winter has arrived, we have had our fire on for the last few days as the cold snap has arrived. The days are sunny, but very, very cool. The sun is weak, and it is dark earlier and when we get up in the morning it is dark. Walking Max is now done later, so that I am walking in daylight.

One positive with all the cold weather, is that it makes for some lovely photos. We get quite a bit of mist and fog , and when it is really cold we do get a frost.  I have decided that once a week, through Winter and on a Wednesday, I will post some images of Winter in my part of the world.

Today, at 7am the sun was just starting to rise, and the sky above our house was this pastel pink. Very pretty , and then as I was driving to work there was a low mist hanging over the fields, making for a very nice landscape.

Hope you enjoy, until next week.

Angela xx



Angela, simply amazing shots!
Happy winter.


:::sigh::: I wish it were winter here right about now. We have had too many 'hot' days already...and it's only May!!! Summer hasn't even begun.

Love the misty morning light, and yes...the sunrise colors. Beautiful.


I like that last picture! It's getting to be summer up here;-) Yesterday was really nice with temps in the 70's and low humidity.
Have a happy day!

Sylvia K

Lovely captures, Angela, and your world is definitely beautiful in the winter! Hope your week is going well! Stay warm! Enjoy!



How beautiful!!

Kay L. Davies

Delightful skies, Angela, and so very different from one another.

Evette Mendisabal

Gorgeous shots Mum! The last one is so pretty ... makes me long for home even if it is winter there!

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