Thursday, May 17, 2012

*Sigh.... I'm in love

For years I have had a love affair with stationery... Yes, you heard me stationery.

I love those notebooks and journals with beautiful colours and graphics, lovely lined paper with pens to match. And don't get me started on pens and fine nibs......

Cards, year and years of  birthday, christmas, anniversary cards, I keep them all in a storage box in my wardrobe.

My current stationery 'love affair'  is with this beautiful range of journals, cards, notebooks, post-its and this cute as luggage tag  that I found in a local store...  How could you not love papaya

But here's the thing, see that top image, that is the luggage tag that I bought for Sam, she is going to Paris and it is so cute I just couldn't resist it, it is going to look very stylish on her luggage. No prob, it's not made of paper.

 The problem is I have bought the notebook for my sister in Brisbane for her birthday, and that notebook is tugging at my heart strings... It is gorgeous, every page has stunning drawings on it, and the paper quality is superb.

I know that she will love it...  and I will send it to her, but LOVE is painful ..*sigh


The Summer Kitchen Girls

Indeed! Darn those sisters....getting in the way of our happiness :) No worries Angela....I'm sure there's another in the store ~ lol!!


Beautiful! I can see why you are in love!


So pretty. That notebook is so pretty, I would want to kept it also.


Wow it's just stunning Angela!
Your sister will be alright with something else right ;)

Sylvia K

Those are beautiful, Angela! I love things like this, too! I know your sister will love her birthday gift! Perhaps you should get one for yourself to celebrate being a generous lady with great taste!! Hope you have a great and colorful weekend!



Beautiful...I can see why you fall 'in love' with all these. My sister always buys note cards too.


ha hurts...when you buy it for someone else and then can't let go
happens all the time

Jeanne @ Collage of Life

I think you need to go back and buy one Angela! I would say you deserve it being the great mother and sister that you are. :) xx


how very pretty! This is a lost art kids use the computer for everything!! they cannot believe they still have to sent thank you notes with a stamp..who eve heard of that?!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

Evette Mendisabal

You and your love of stationary!!! Crazy woman. I wonder why it didn't rub off on Sam or me ... maybe Steve got the bug and he's holding out on you! LOL

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