Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday Beach Find..

This morning we decided to take a walk along the beach, not unusual for us for a Saturday morning, I like to take the camera and see what is going on. The weather overnight has been very windy, coming in from the west blowing on shore and making for a cold and blustery walk.

We had only been walking  a few minutes when we came across a Seal pup, lying on the water's edge, not looking very well at all. When we got home we called the Department of Conservation and they told us that there had been numerous calls from the public along the west coast stretch of beaches of Auckland reporting sightings of stranded Seal pups. They were doing their best to get to them all, but realistically they said they were unsure if the pup would survive.  Poor wee thing, Mother Nature sucks sometimes.

The wind was moving the sand down the beach making sand waves ..

Angela xx


Sylvia K

Oh, I do so agree!! Mother Nature does indeed suck from time to time! Poor little guy! Breaks my heart to see this happen. Such a sad, but sweet capture, Angela!


Oh so sad Anglea.
Poor wee thing.
I hope it was alright.


oh my this broke my heart
how much heart is left i wonder..what with all that goes wrong, so terribly wrong in this world

Kay L. Davies

Oh, Angela, how sad to see the poor wee seal like that. It is a fact of life that is very hard to face, isn't it?


Poor little thing! Wonder if it's sick.
Those are interesting waves of sand!!


Poor little Seal. I too hope he was saved. It is so heartbreaking to see such things.

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