Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday

Have posted a shadow shot taken a few weeks ago when we were having coffee before we went into a movie.  The number holder (minus the number) they give you at the cafe. The couple at the table next to us were a bit bemused as they looked on.

Thanks Tracy for hosting, see other great shadows over at Hey Harriet ...

Have a great week everyone!



What the neighbors at another table think about shadow shooting depends on whether it all makes sense...

Shadow hunting is quite a fun pursuit- really a passion. Patti and I do not find shadows as much as they find us. We thus have to play along :)

Sylvia K

What a great shadow shot for the day! I find people watching me take pics and particularly shadow or reflection shots -- they don't seem to have any idea what you're looking at/for! Always makes me chuckle! Hope your weekend has gone well! Enjoy!



This is quite cleaver shadow shot of a unique piece. Nicely done, Angela.

be happy and well,


nice clean lines on this shadow shot!!!


One of my all time favorite shadow shots ... so MUSICAL!!!



My shadows, have a great weekend!

The Summer Kitchen Girls

oh, if they only knew that there are more shadow chasers around...they would be more amused :) Love it - simple and stately Angela! Have a great week yourself!!
Karla & Karrie

Paula Scott

Excellent! Ah, the sacrifices we make for the sake of our shadow addictions!


People just expect crazy behavior from me!
And those water shots are incredible!!!!

Hey Harriet

Nice one! And it's funny to hear how you amused the other cafe patrons. It's so easy to spot us bloggers! We're the crazy folk taking photos of odd things that non-bloggers wouldn't even notice. Have a great week ahead Angela!


Fantastic, and very artful!!!

It was super having you visit with me yesterday. Your comments are always welcomed as is your company!!

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Lisa's RetroStyle

Nice one! I've wondered many times if people were watching me shoot shadows and what they might be thinking :)


That is a lovely shadow shot-it reminds me of Neptune apart from there are only two fork prongs. I love it when I get funny looks for photographing!

Miss Becky

well, I missed this shadow shot on Sunday. it's a fantastic photo too. hope to see you next week!


Cool shadow capture! I missed this last Sunday.

Some people just don't get it. When it's time to grab a photo, it's time to grab a photo. ;-)

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