Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our visit to the Zoo...

Top of the list of places to visit in Salt Lake City for me is the Hogle Zoo. On my last trip, three years ago, the zoo was undergoing some major changes, so I was looking forward to seeing what had been completed.
There is still some work to be done, but overall I was impressed .

Today Evette, Emma, Lucca  and I braved the heat , left home real early and headed over to the Zoo. It goes without saying that the kids had a great time, with visits to just about all the animals we could cope with, a ride on the carousel and a train ride. But for me the highlight was the visit to the Gorilla. He was the ugliest, biggest yet most beautiful specimen. Out came our cameras and Evette and I went crazy trying to capture as many photos as we could. After a few minutes Evette was standing in front of the glassed indoor enclosure, clicking away madly when without any warning the Gorilla just rose up on it's hindquarters and lunged towards Evette, smashing his fist against the glass so hard that you could feel the vibration of the window where we were standing. Needless to say we all screamed like we had been scalded, and left there in a real hurry. A bit further on we told one of the keepers in passing what had happened and she said that this Gorilla was a real Diva and often took a dislike to people, or perhaps just the "paparazzi".

Below are some photos of a wonderful day, good on you Hogle Zoo for doing all the changes the Zoo is a pleasure to visit.


Kay L. Davies

I love the tigers in the water, Angela. They're beautiful.
So are the children!
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B

Beautiful photos but fade in comarrison to those beautiful grandchildren!!

Filip Demuinck

Love the picture of the tiger and of the children. The first one is particulary good.



Poor old Gorilla, he obviously was not in the mood for photos! Have you seen the French film 'Nenette'? It is great for making you feel how it must be to be stared at and talked about all day. I love zoos but do feel sorry for the primates particularly.
I love the photo of the tigers having a cool dip! Glad you had a fun day!


Beautiful children! I want to go to the Memphis Zoo and make some pictures. Love the Tigers!


The tigers look so comfortable. The Hogle Zoo can be a very hot place, so they are smart, too. Enjoy your visit!


such lovely grandchildren

Evette Mendisabal

Was a fun day. The gorilla experience was pretty frightening.

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