Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wintery Wednesday..

While all of you in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying a very hot and in some cases a very wet Summer, we here in New Zealand have had days of heavy frosts and intense cold. Not that I mind the frosty cold, the days are just stunning without a cloud in the sky and plenty of sunshine.
I made the most of the weekend frost and ran to the cemetary up the road where I knew there would be some 'frosty' shots to be had.

Hope you all enjoy this selection for my Wintery Wednesday...

This poor little insect looks like he has frozen to death.....

Angela xx



Gorgeous 'still' life with a frosting cover. Beautiful.

I too like the little fur baby running alongside his owner on the beach.


ah there is beauty in that frost
but winter is more often the dreary gray skied days of lonely longing for the sun
but enjoy what beauty you find..and bless you for looking for it


I wonder if the bug was ok?


Gorgeous shots. I feel like I could reach out and touch the cold. Love them.

Sylvia K

What lovely, frosty captures, Angela! Hope your week is going well!!


The Summer Kitchen Girls

Such wonderful frosty shots Angela! Love the pinecones....and the one witht the rusty nail the best :) beautiful!!


They're gorgeous, I love frost shots! And I think we'll endure any kind of weather to get some good photos, don't we? :-)

Evette Mendisabal

Mum, these shots are so incredible! I'd happily endure a frost right now!


brrrrr! Love the frost!

Little Nan

I should stop complaining about how cold it has been here....look at him! That poor little guy!
Gorgeous photos!

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