Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Feel the heat - Summer is here - Santa is on his way #3

Oh no!! I feel the Christmas Grinch starting to take over. Work has stepped up  six notches and it is  just plain crazy. My head is full of the anticipation of Evette , Emma and Lucca arriving the day after Christmas Day, and all I want to do is go out to the airport and wait for them.

Yes I know there are 18 days to go before they arrive and I should "get a grip" and focus on the "now". But I just can't help myself. I think I may be a little excited.

My Christmas Tree is only half way completed, the lights are strung but the decorations are still waiting to be hung, as of today there are three decorations on the tree.

Christmas presents are nearly all bought, but not wrapped.

The outside lights are all up...but there is now a problem with the timer that controls the time they go on and when the turn off, it is doing neither. In fact there are no lights going on at all.

How are you all going with your Christmas preparations?
Are you super organised or do you just "wing it" and hope for the best?
Is your tree up, and your house decorated?

Here is a glimpse of what I have done so far.....

Gold is my theme for our Christmas Tree, with Angels and Stars being the main decorations.

Our old oak sideboard has my Christmas Candle and a beautiful red Begonia on it..

And St. Nicholas is  overseeing it all..

I think little steps are the order of the day. What do you think? After all how can you stay inside when the weather is just so gorgeous. Look at the sky this morning..



I wing it and hope for the best.
I go out last minute and get stuff.
Some years I do stockings and some years I don't.
I'm pretty usless.
I have two nativity sets up and a beautiful plant, kinda like the one you've got, on my tea table and that's about it.
Oh and I have Christmas music playing almost every second of the day.
The kids love it.
I'm excited for you all this season, seeing the grandkids.


Your decorations are gorgeous! I usually just get out all my "stuff" and put it up just as in the previous years. I have most everything done, the tree is up, the wreaths are hung, the Navivity scene is out, the cards are mailed and some goodies were mailed yesterday.
I don't think I could ever get used to celebrating Christmas where the weather is hot!


We don't even have our tree up are ahead of me. ;-)

Love the angel. Very pretty.

Only bought 2 presents so far..must get going on that as well.

See you for Shadow Shot Sunday!

ain't for city gals

I always have good intentions but by now I am in the eliminating mode...thinking..oh I don't need to do that or hmmmm..I don't think this will make a big will be done before I even


Oh I am woefully behind in my preparations! Still shopping, wrapping, the deliveries, not to mention the cooking!
Take a deep breath, your holiday starts the day after the 25th:)

The Summer Kitchen Girls

We are wingers as well!! Wraping - not one box :) but, everything is nearly bought!
Love your decorations Angela - that begonia is gorgeous (and not to be found in Ohio at the moment - so I will appreciate yours!!)
Enjoy the rest of your week!
Karla & Karrie

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