Thursday, December 2, 2010

Random Pics from November..

At the end of each month I like to share some photos that have not been posted on my blog. I  limit the number of pics to four or five, and try and show very different shots of my world. Here are my November Random Pics....

1 & 2) Diwali ( Celebration of Lights) when the Indian community celebrate a very important part of the year. Beautiful bright saris worn by young women so very proud of their culture.

3 & 4) The beaches on our west coast are surf beaches and very wild. This is Hamilton's Gap, rugged hills, and sand dunes...

5) Soft pink rose petals with black flax taken at the rose garden ..



Beautiful shots.
Love the colours.


Such beautiful pictures Angela! I love the colourful contrast of the Diwali pictures to the grey rugged drama of the coast.


Very cool photos. I just found out about Diwali a few weeks ago, so really fun to see the lovely ladies in their finery. Hamilton Gap looks like there should be an abandoned ship on the shore!

Now, I don't understand the rose garden pic. Are the petals scattered on the ground and blackflax?? I don't see actual roses.

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