Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Feel the heat...Summer is here... Santa is on his way #2

Tomorrow is the 1st of December folks, and all the signs of Summer and Christmas in New Zealand have arrived.

While you are all hoping for a white Christmas, and who wouldn't, we are looking forward to sunshine, BBQ's and our own New Zealand Christmas tree, the Pohutukawa, to blossom. With it's bright red flowers it epitomises our love of the beach and the water.

Together with the Pohutukawa tree, our native Manuka, with it's white flowers adds to the "Christmassy" feel.

And because tomorrow is the 1st December, and that means I am officially allowed to play Christmas Carols, here is our very own "Kiwi Girl" Hayley Westrena singing... Enjoy.



You posting on your blog makes my life better.
I'm glad you got into the blogging world.

Sweet Repose-Junk Revival

Well, our winter isn't even official yet, but we've lucked out this year, now snow yet and it's funny, I've never EVER wished for a white Christmas. To me, the white stuff means lack of sales, car crashes, back-breaking shoveling, frozen nostrils, frost bitten fingers and toes and HUGE heating bills...you might say I don't like winter...ha!

Ever since I saw the movies The Piano and Once Were Warriors, I've had a fascination with your beautiful country, I'm simply amazed by your beautiful photos of it, the overlook of the Tasman Sea, simply stunning!!!

THANKS for the views!



Beautiful flowers and I love the shot by the sea.
We are warm here in south Florida also.

Hugs and happiness,


Wow!! Those are both incredibly beautiful!!!


Can you believe how quickly time passes?
Christmas on the beach? I could get used to that:)
And just think, it won't be long until you see your own Little Loves!


What absolutely FABulous pics!! Those flowers are amazing. Gorgeous things like that really make me even more in awe of our Creator...how could He imagine so many different combinations of colors and textures?! Awesome indeed. Thanks for the video too!! I didn't know Westrena was a KiwiGirl. I have her on my YouTube playlist. Beautiful voice. Have a great weekend. Blessings!

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Wow - her voice is beautiful - thanks for sharing it!
I LOVE that first picture of the Pohutukawa - that is the most gorgeous sight - beautifully taken Angela! It's quite breathtaking!

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