Friday, November 26, 2010

Skywatch Friday..

Check out the link to see other great shots:

Christmas is approaching fast, and the Christmas tree has been put up in the Town Square where I work. What better way to show it to you all, than on a beautiful, sunny, balmy Summer day here in New Zealand. This is the top half of the tree.


Sylvia K

What a gorgeous tree and what fantastic blue skies! Terrific capture for the day! Hope you have a beautiful weekend! Enjoy!



Wow that tree is huge.
I hope it's a great summer back home.


Hi, I like this beautiful, big Xmas tree. Christmas is precious and it makes everybody happy to see it.

I am very sorry for all the men who have lost their lives in this tragic accident. What I can not understand, where was the earliest security warning, there is no excuse, because to day the best security methods are available.

Kim, USA

I see a lot of Christmas balls. Love it!
My week sky


what a big tree. One day, I was driving along side a big truck which has Waiuku on it's side. I thought of you.

Beverley Baird

What a gorgeous shadow shot!
Hope you are having a great weekend!

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