Monday, November 22, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday..

1.  The View Above..This was taken looking up into the light of the lighthouse at the Manukau Heads about 25minute drive from our house.

2. Something Hot...Herbal Tea in my favourtie mug

3. Something cold.. Tip Top Goody Gumdrops Ice Cream. World Famous in New Zealand..

4. Electronic..

5. Sparkle.. Christmas is here, front window of local retail store.

Thanks Ashley for keeping the challenge going.


Phoenix Peacock

your view above is spectacular!!


I adore your view above shot. I love the abstract architecture of it. And Goody Goody Gum Drops - YUM YUM! Awesome to see more kiwis joining in in these challenges :)


These are beautiful. I love the view above shot and your mint tea shot! I love mint tea!


Great pictures of good choices this week! I was lazy and didn't or haven't posted anything yet.

Ashley Sisk

These are all great - but that first show is incredible. Well done!


Love the first shot man.
Good job.


I love the view of the lighthouse. The icecream looks interesting-the sweets look like English Jelly Tots. Hope the wedding and family preparations are going well!


I love your mug shot!


Wonderful shots and perfect for the hunt, Angela.

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