Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Feel the heat... Summer is nearly here...Here comes Santa Claus

All of a sudden the air has a different feel to it. It has become slightly humid of late, and even if it is cloudy it is very warm.

When the sun is out it is  now burning hot, and the burn time is now 5 - 8 minutes. That means that if you are out in the sun you should only be out for 5 - 8 minutes without protection.

With the shift in the weather my thoughts always turn to Christmas, and by the end of this week it is only four weeks away.  My Christmas shopping has started, and at the beginning of December we will put the lights up around the house and put up the Christmas Tree.

This year our Christmas is going to be very different. We will celebrate with our family on the day after Boxing Day, the 27th December. We have Evette and our grandchildren arriving on Boxing Day and my mother and aunty arrive from Sydney Australia so we will be having a large family gathering full of laughter, fun and lots of noise not on Christmas Day but two days later.

How are your Christmas plans going?  Will you fall into the "Christmas Abyss" and leave everything to the last minute, or are you one of those truly organised people who has everything planned well in advance?

Here is a video clip of how most of us celebrate Christmas here  "Downunder".


ain't for city gals

It would be so different to have Christmas during the summer...I'm having a houseful for Christmas but trying not to even think about it until after Thanksgiving...having 35 for Thanksgiving so first things first...


Awwwwwwwwww thanks for that awesome song and video man.
What a great one.
We'll be having it at Dru's families house so there's not much for me to organize.
They have HUGE sales the day after Thanksgiving and so I go out with Dru and we try to get it all done then.
I dunno if I'll ever be organized but one can only try right?


Christmas must be different when it's hot , is it?


How odd it seems to celebrate Christmas when it's hot weather! First we will have Thanksgiving at the home of one of my sisters. There's about 30 of us in all! I'm thinking about a Christmas Brunch here for my son and his family. That will be only 7 of us. Christmas night we are invited to dinner at our grandson's home. They want us to spend the night and he has asked Jeep to preach at one of his churches the next morning. In the afternoon they want us all to go to Memphis to the Peabody just to look at all the pretty decorations!

EG Wow

Christmas Downunder looks way healthier than Christmas in Canada. While you're outdoors, we're inside...eating, eating and eating. :)

Evette Mendisabal

Hmmm, officially I don't think I get a Christmas Day ... maybe a couple of hours ... until we cross the international date line at least. I am looking forward to my first Kiwi Christmas in 9 years SO MUCH!!! I'm bubbling inside with excitement and anticipation of summer fun and ALL that glorious Christmas food ... Nan's trifle, pavlova (PLEASE???)! But the thing I'm looking forward to the MOST, without ANY hesitation or doubt, is being with my Mummy for the holidays. ♥♥♥ Love you Mum ♥♥♥

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Hey Angela! Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes!! Well appreciated :)
I try to be an organized Christmas girl...but it never seems to work out that way!! My kids loved watching the video - guess we always think of Santa coming when it's to see how everyone else celebrates!

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