Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday..

Thanks to Tracy over at Hey Harriet for hosting us, you can visit her over at Shadow Shot Sunday:

Taken in the garden, the grape vine cast a delicate shadow when I was shadow hunting this morning.

Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead.


Sylvia K

What a delightful shadow shot, Angela! Love that sunshine and the green color! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!



The vine offers a delicate yet bold shadow, The shadow, in fact, looks almost like a christmas tree with its ornaments sitting sideway. Well, the imagination surely gets into gear with cool shadows like this!


Very pretty shadows of those promising grapes!

Sweet Repose-Junk Revival

What a gorgeous shadow cast, a sure sign of springtime for sure. The robins ate all of my father's grapes this year and he couldn't begin to chase them away, he's too kind no jelly this year...ha!


Very nice shadow shot, with the promise of nice grapes later! Hope all is well with you and your family. It's been a beautiful cold fall day here.


So gorgeous!

My shadow shots


Lovely sharp shadow.


You're right, it IS a great shadow.

Greyscale Territory

Delightful shadows that seem to pop out on the leaves!

Hey Harriet

Now that is lovely! Your grape vine looks to be very healthy and happy! I hope you've had a wonderful weekend :)


A fabulous shadow shot. Have a lovely week.


very crisp shadow on the leaf. very nice!!!!

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Oh Angela - I love this shot! It reminds me of our old house - we had a big grape arbor that covered the kitchen window and sidewalk outside - it smelled devine in the fall when the grapes would rippen!

Magical Mystical Teacher


Chasing shadows here and there,
Chasing shadows everywhere;
Chasing shadows in the park;
Chasing shadows long past dark;
Chasing shadows through the light;
Chasing shadows day and night—
Shadow-chaser, don’t you see?
Shadows were just meant to be!

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Shadow Prayers


You found a pretty shadow cast by the grape vine!

Visiting late for Shadow Shot Sunday...thanks for stopping by!

See you next Sunday. ;-)

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