Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake, New Zealand

On Tuesday 22nd February, at 12.50pm , while the people of Christchurch were going about their day a 6.1 magnitude earthquake, at a depth of only 5km, changed their lives forever. To date their are 75 people dead, with the death toll expected to rise, 100's of people injured and 100's still missing. Buildings have been flattened, cars crushed under debris. There is still no power or water, to not only the city, but also the outlying suburbs.

This quake has been declared a National Disaster by the New Zealand government, and help has been promised by countries worldwide.

The huge rescue operation has been going on now for two days, rescue crews from New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Taiwan have been working tirelessly rescuing people . More rescue teams are due tonight from the U.S.A. and Britain.  Although there have been a great number of people rescued, the fear is that there will be an even greater number of people who have not survived.

Our  hearts goes out to the people of Christchurch and to the greater Canterbury region.

Kia Kaha..  Forever Strong



We have also received support from Singapore, there are military personnel from around the world lending a hand in transport and supplies. The thought of what the world is doing to help little old NZ brings tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat, even though I am not in Christchurch it's wonderful to know that New Zealand is supported in this time of need.


When I heard the news of this disaster, I told Jeep, "I have a friend who lives in NZ! I hope they are alright!" We have been thinking of you. I don't know the geography of that region well enough to know how far that is from where you live. Be careful!


It is such a tragic and frightening event to have happened. Thinking of you in NZ. x

Kay L. Davies

I am so sorry not to see Canada's name on your list, Angela. There was a time when Canada would have been one of the first to respond, even though we're far away geographically. Unfortunately, our present government doesn't see us as helpful, caring people. It is a great blow, and it is shameful.
I can only hope that by the time this e-mail reaches you, some help of some sort will have arrived from Canada.
Thinking of you, along with your many friends,
Alberta, Canada


So frightening, as I too live in earthquake territory.
So glad you are safe.


I echo your sentiments ....

Jeanne sad and so tragic...two in six months and this one so devastating. My daughter is in Christchurch.
She was in one of the lecture halls at the Univ. of Canterbury. She wants to stay and help. I am torn but know she is doing the right thing...

Jeanne xx

Ashley Sisk

These are all great - I love love the first shot.

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