Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Zealand in My Heart Forever.......

The words Evette wrote in the sand the last morning in New Zealand before the long trip back to Utah.

The beach seemed such an appropriate place for Evette, Emma and Lucca to spend a few hours on their last day with us. Emma and Lucca have had so much fun playing in the sea and sand, and for Evette the beach is a huge part of being a "Kiwi" girl. 

After a few hours of non-stop play it was home for lunch, bath, and nap. Before nap time the kids watched  Charlottes Web a favourite movie, Lucca was exhausted not only with all the playing at the beach, but the Summer  heat got to him too. This is how we found him half an hour into the movie.
The last seven weeks have gone so quickly, I can't believe they have gone home. Already we miss the chattering, laughing, squabbling and the excitement when we leave for work in the morning and when we get home.  I miss Evette's company, her wonderful cooking and coming home with the house all clean and tidy.Words can't explain how heavy our hearts are, and the sadness we feel with them no longer being here.

Roll on September, when I hope to get to Utah for a few weeks.


Kay L. Davies

Beautiful photos to remind you of all the good times, Nana Ang. Hard to kiss a photo, I know.
September will be here before you know it.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Angela... these are such adorable photos! What a time you have had and so lucky to have been able to share that time with Evette. I can sympathise with the message in the sand....New Zealand in my heart forever.... Evette is onto a good thing :)

Jeanne xx


What wonderful photos...and such happy times for the little ones!!!

Thanks for stopping by yesterday and leaving your comment...I loved your company!

ain't for city gals

Well, you have something to look forward's hard to kiss them goodbye..


That pic of Lucca is priceless.
I tried to ring Evette yesterday but no answer so I just left her a message.
I hope she's alright.
I might try again today.


What wonderful photos, and my heart knows this heartache of quiet rooms....
but what can we grandmas do but enjoy what is, enjoy what we do have.
Ah September...mine are coming in March!


I knew it was about that time:( I kept thinking of how it would be for all of you say good-bye, but the memories that are etched in the minds of those little ones, will last forever:)

P.S.Did they hear me swear?

Evette Mendisabal

Aw, DAMN IT!!! I thought I'd be okay reading your blog without getting upset. Now I'm gonna be all puffy eyed AGAIN!!!
I miss you more than words can say Mum! I REALLY hope things work out for September.


These wonderful photos should help you to remember what a great time you all had together.. I hope time passes quickly for you, so you can enjoy their company again.



cute ...

Happy Weekend.


Such sweet photos! I am sure the time until September will fly by!


I'm sorry you have to say goodbye.
I was thinking back to when my kids were little and we never lived less than 12 hours away from my folks. How I wish we would have had the internet and cheap cell phone long distance and skype like we do now days.
Hopefully you'll get to see them in Sept! if so, all of us who are Utah followers should go to lunch!

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