Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Family History Journal - Second photo in the second album

What a great idea.  I had forgotten all about this photo, it was taken in February 2009 on the day that Evette, Emma and Lucca arrived in New Zealand for their holiday. After a very long flight, and a long drive to our house in Waiuku that took about 50minutes from the airport., it was all too much for Emma and she had to have a nap. Although it was about an hour after arriving at our house,  so she didn't do too bad.

As you can see she fell asleep wearing the plastic fireman's hat that I bought for Lucca, and for some reason she was taken by some skittles that we had, and of course one should always take a bucket too bed with you. So here she is, bless her, sound asleep in her bedroom at Nana and Poppa's in New Zealand, with her special blanket,wearing a fireman's hat and clutching a skittle.

Too cute for words. Love you Emma. xoxo



LOL this is SO FUNNY cause my mum has this EXACT same bed at her place that MASARU slept in.
I gave the translation to Evette.
Get her to email it to you as I don't have your email ;)

Evette Mendisabal

Awww, cute! She did so well after that flight. I couldn't believe how well she settled into a routine with sleeping and everything else. Seriously though, what's not to love about her right?


That's my girl!!

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