Thursday, February 4, 2010

Family History Journal - Simple Pleasures

I love Fridays, not only because it's the end of the week and the beginning of a weekend, but because of the simple pleasures that Friday brings.

Fish and Chip Friday, we have in our house, a non-cooking night of the week and it is usually Friday. In fact here in New Zealand it is sort of a tradition that the end of the week is take away night. So the first of my simple pleasures is knowing that when I get home on Friday night I don't have to cook.

I work full-time, and my job is deadline driven and very busy, so by the end of the week after working on two newspapers, going to the gym three times a week, two nights of Taekwon-do and cooking dinner every night all I really want to do once I get home is to get out of my work clothes and into "MY JIM -JAMS" (pyjamas for the foreigners). Oh the pure joy of it, I can't describe the feeling of absolute relaxation that comes over me once my "JIM-JAMS" are on. Summer or Winter it doesn't matter it always feels the same. There is, however, one more thing that makes my Friday even better and that is when my Next magazine subscription arrives. If it arrives mid-week then I make myself wait until Friday so that I can really enjoy it.

So my ULTIMATE simple pleasure is Friday night, fish & chips on my plate, Next magazine in hand just Chillin' Out in my JIM JAMS. I can hardly wait until tomorrow, cos guess what? my Next magazine arrived today and here it is just waiting for me to read it, fish & chips and all.



Evette Mendisabal

I love fish and chip friday. I miss it!!! Great post mum!

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