Friday, January 29, 2010

Family History Journal - Family Traditions


I love birthdays, to me it represents that one day of the year that is yours, to be spoilt by family and friends, not so much with presents but with best wishes and love. This tradition has really taken on a mind of it's own over the years. It started as a cute little response to one birthday when Stephen was only a toddler and we were singing Happy Birthday to a family member and his Happy Birthday singing went something like this:

"Ha -ee  Boyay oo-ooo, Ha-ee Boyay oo-ooo" (sing along to Happy Birthday tune), it was very cute and for quite a few years whenever it was someones birthday we would sing it like Stephen did. Then all of a sudden, I don't know why, I started to sing different versions of it to family when I called them on the phone on their birthday. So instead of wishing them "Happy Birthday" I  sing the song in whatever style takes my fancy on the day.

To date we have had: Operatic style, Rap style, Jazz, Hip Hop, Elvis, Folk. I know that to a lot of people this is a VERY unusual tradition but I am sure that if I didn't do it, my family would be a little disappointed ( or perhaps relieved) I'm not totally sure. What I am sure of is that when I sing down the phone to them I know that they are smiling and enjoying every minute of it, not one person has been grumpy after an Angela "Happy Birthday " song.
Click on the You Tube link above to see and hear another great version  from Ernie on Sesame Street. You can't beat a great "Happy Birthday" song to put a smile on your face.


Evette Mendisabal

I would be totally disappointed not to get a special "Happy Birthday" song from you and Sam on my birthday. It just wouldn't be the same!


I love it.
It's simple and a tradition.
I'm really struggling with this one this week.
I've come up with nothing yet.
Isn't that sad?


What mum failed to mention is that we all now do it to each other and it has to be done at at least 6am on the morning of your birthday,I always look forward to my phone calls on my birthday, not just from mum but from E and Steve as well. Its better than any present I could get.


I love the idea of take away night!!
Recently, we declared Wednesday "Sandwich night". I absolutely love that I can look forward to not only having one night of meal planning taken off my plate, but I also get a non-cooking night. For me, that means two thumbs up!!

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