Friday, January 1, 2010

Yahoo! Better Late than Never

At long last, here it is, my Blog.
After spending the last few years reading my daughter's and their friends Blogs I have decided that it may be something that I would enjoy doing. After all we have a pretty busy and interesting life here in little 'ol Waiuku, and I am sure that I must have things to share with people, and perhaps something that would be of interest.

Family History, the happy moments and the sad
moments these are the events that mould us into
the people that we are, and make our family close and strong. How wonderful to be able to share these moments with others of the same ilk.

So to start off with here are some photos, taken at our 2009 Pre-Christmas Dinner. Twelve of us got together for a fantastic night of fun, laughter, good food and wine at Gee Gee's restaurant in Auckland, a favourite of us all, the owner Ivan is a friend of our family, and whenever we can, we gather there to be totally spoilt knowing that the food is to "die" for. In true Croatian style, Ivan always makes sure that no-one leaves without a big smile on their faces, and a full stomach.
Thanks to all the family who made it once again a memorable night.

That's it for my first blog of 2010!


Evette Mendisabal

Yay, I'm so happy you've got you're own blog. Now I can see what you're doing without having to call or skype!! Woohoo!!!

Paul M Taekwon-Do

There are no photos of your husband!

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