Friday, January 15, 2010

Family History Journal - Likes and Dislikes

Hmmm Likes and dislikes. I guess I could write a list with the obvious things but after much pondering and navel gazing I have come to the conclusion that what I like is colour: the colour of nature, the colour of people, the colour of everyday life.

As unusual as it may sound it is the one thing that I am most aware of. From a young age I always looked at things from a colour perspective. In art class I was hopeless at drawing anything but when it came to putting colours together I loved it and took my cue from Nature. While writing this we have a balmy NZ summer sunset happening, all pink and yellow with white clouds starting to turn grey with a promise of rain. Beautiful, ask me to paint it and all I would see are the colours, how the colours all work together.

Colour of people - not their skin colour but their personality. I am a great people watcher, and love to see the interaction of people with each other. Today I watched a group of teenagers, together in the holidays, all full of the joys of life enjoying each others company without a care in the world.
Yesterday it was a grandmother shopping with her grandchildren, seeing how excited the children were to be with Grandma.

The colour of everyday life - Everyday is different and brings with it a myriad of challenges. The frustration, happiness, sadness and joy that we get from our surroundings and the people around us makes up the colour of everyday life.

Whatever it is that "floats your boat", no matter what, make it as colourful and as memorable as you can.


Evette Mendisabal

Awesome post Mum! I know where I get my people watching facination from :)
You are really good with colour and I love that you're of afraid of colour.
Thanks for playing along Mum.
Love you


I think that the numberless coulorful personalities in the world suggest not just how different every person is, but also the many levels of capability and capacity. Recognizing that fact helps me feel just a little bit more comfortable in my own skin and helps me be at ease with myself and my own possibilities even though people around me may be impatient with my slow progress. Choice post Angela! :)


Hmmmmmmmmmm yes I like it.
Well put.

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