Thursday, January 7, 2010

Your Strength - Family History Journal

Have had a big think about this, and my first thought was to write about my wonderful husband, Phil, and then I had a real think and thought that perhaps I should put down the people who have been my biggest strength in the past, that are always available to me in the present and should I need them, I know that they will always be there for me in the future.
These three people are my siblings, two sisters and brother who know more about me, collectively, better than anyone else I know. It doesn't matter what happens between us or where we live, when they are needed they are there for me in a heart-beat. No one knows us as well as we know each other, we are all so different, and yet are the same. The following are a few of my thoughts on each of my "sibs" abridged of course, or else I would be here all day...

Linda: ( big sister) That's her on the far right in the photo.

• Switched-on Nana
• World Record List Maker (makes lists for everything)
• Ultimate knitter and now owner of her own yarn shop (Threads and More in Brisbane).
• Interior design and decorating guru
• Loves entertaining

Stephanie: (little sister) That's her on the left in the photo.
• Great wife and mother
• Free Spirit
• Generous to a fault
• Loves animals and people

Ivan (my Bro') He has a photo of his own as we all know that Ivan is never in family photos.
(it is a family joke...)

• Great Dad & husband
• Ultimate Sports Fan
• DIY handyman
• Family comedian

Here they are - my official support unit.



I am pretty stoked to have them as unc and aunts

Evette Mendisabal

They are all pretty cool in their own unique ways. Very different individually, but when we are all together they are VERY similar too. I love my aunts and uncle too. We're pretty lucky.

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