Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I ♥ Auckland - Cathedral of St. Patricks and St. Joseph..

I take this opportunity to welcome you to the website of the Cathedral of St. Patrick and St. Joseph. There has been a church on the Wyndham Street site since 1842, so we've been in downtown Auckland since the very beginning of our city. Over the decades the Cathedral has been a place of welcome and celebration, to locals and visitors alike.
The Cathedral reopened in 2007 after being closed for nearly two years for major restoration and conservation work. It is a very special place; a wonderful place of worship that the Catholics of Auckland can be proud of. It is a sacred place where all are welcome to visit, pray and experience peace.
A place of prayer. God's house.  An icon of Christ. Our Mother Church.  Bishop Patrick Dunn

For more information on the Cathedral check out the website above....
Photos were taken a few weeks ago, I love the contrast of the Cathedral against the modern buildings of the city, and the gorgeous angles and arches...



Looks like they did a great restoration job.
I'm so glad they did that.
Icons like this are so important to the community and our kids.

Filip Demuinck

Reminds me a bit of Montreal and Boston where churches are also standing next to modern skyscrapers.


Beautiful! And you are so right about the contrast of old/new.

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Oh my Angela...that first picture is awesome - you hit it on the nail...old and new architecture looking absolutely wonderful together!!
Hope all is well!
Karla & Karrie

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