Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I ♥ Auckland - Manukau Heads Lighthouse

 A few weeks ago, before the big storm hit us we went for a drive up to the Manukau Heads which is as far as we can drive up the peninsula from our house.. It was windy, and very cold and the view was awesome as usual.

Looking up at the light..
Looking out to sea to the west, you can see by the clouds that the weather is starting to look bad.
Looking from the top of the lighthouse toward Auckland City
 The information below was taken from the Lighthouse website:
The Manukau Heads Lighthouse, which dates from 1874, has been meticulously rebuilt, using original parts, by volunteers from the local Awhitu community.
The lighthouse ceased operation on its former site, a couple of kilometres away, in 1986, and important parts were placed in storage.
It has now been relocated next to the Manukau Heads Signal Station Platform, which has been on the site since 1865.
Information panels tell the story of the light house and of the wreck of 'The Orpheus' a Royal Navy ship which foundered on the Manukau Bar in 1863 with the loss of 189 lives.



Neat pictures, Angela! Lighthouses are interesting and picturesque.


Angela these pictures are awesome.
I think it's a good thing for ALL to give us this information of your home town..............well city ;)


Love a lighthouse :)


So beautiful!! One of the prettiest lighthouses I've seen! My nephew was just called to be a missionary to Sydney!


It is very useful information which you shared here. As I just want to say that I was totally unknown from this. But after reading this I came to know about that.
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First, hope your weather, in Texas, it's been so darned dry, I would love to see heavy rain for a day or two. {{sigh}}

Love the lighthouse photos. That too, is one of my favorite structures. The one of looking up at the light, just blows me away [no pun...]


Hope your day has treated you well so far!!


great photos!


I love visiting lighthouses. So pretty, and interesting.

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