Sunday, December 4, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday..

I have had to go into my archives for my Shadow Shot this week. Whenever there was sunshine, I had no camera, today it is raining I have my camera and no shadows...

This was taken when I was in Salt Lake City in August, Emma and mum on their way to Emma's fiarst day at school
Join the other shadow chasers over here at Hey Harriet..


Sylvia K

What a great, fun, sunny shadow shot!! And I'm sure it brings lovely memories of your visit! Hope you're enjoying a great weekend!



How precious!

My Shadow Shot post, have a blessed Sunday!


They're being followed by their shadows!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B

Having sweet summer "rememberies" are the best shots ever!


Lovely shadows! And I'm especially impressed with that perfectly manicured lawn - wow! You don't get that much around here :)


Great elongated shadows...

Gerald (Hyde DP)

such long shadows


A sweet and memory filled shadow shot. Lovely!


Hey girl : ) we are all allowed to go into our archives when we keep missing the opportunity (been there done that ? LOL)
This is a great "long" people shot and one to remember for the special time it is !
Joy : )


This is one of those picture I just adore...when it is shot from the back of the child with the adult. Love the contrast in size, and love that they are NOT looking into the camera. This is a really special one that grabs at the old heart. genie


Lovely Sunday... and adorable rose!
much love Anna

Ms. Becky

the sun has been scarce here too, we had one sunny day this week and I was able to snap a shadow shot. I just love this photo - the long path ahead and the long shadows behind. it's wonderfully composed with their steps. happy day to you.


What a gift that photo is to you and yours :)

Evette Mendisabal

It seems like so long ago!

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