Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Fences #10

 Taken last Friday on our way to a wedding reception, another cute little white picket fence, this time with climbing roses...

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Sylvia K

I love the white picket fence! It somehow, to me at least, symbolizes family and home and security! What a delightful capture! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Oh, what a lovely shot! The fence looks so charming.


Oh that is pretty! Hope the reception was fun!


I can see why the white picket fence is part of the American Dream. :-)

Jan n Jer

Lots of charm in this shot! White picket fences are so quaint to me!

EG Wow

Super fence! I bet it's tons of work to keep in such great condition, though.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, beautiful. Such a professionally done photo. Why this looks like it would come right out of a landscaping magazine. Well done. And the colors...oh just so perfect.

A link to my Friday post: Part 1 of our Road Trip

Hope you have a lovely weekend.


Very pretty, esp w/ the roses! =)

happy friday =)


Lovely picture. some of the flowers look like fuchsias. I have some in pots in the poly tunnel too. Keeping my fingers crossed that they survive the winter.


Nicely framed shot!


I love, love, love pickets fences. Just a beautiful shot!

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Love that pretty wooden fence....and how it disappears into those glorious roses!

Evette Mendisabal

Great angle Mum!!


I so love picket fences. So this is a little shot I'd be sure to visit if I were in your area. Thanks!

White Fence

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