Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Max - Week Three.... How time flies

 I can't believe that we have had Max for three weeks already. He is making great progress, and is settling down to being part of our family.

He is chilled out, and has a huge personality. A lover of water, he loves to jump into the rock pools at the beach. And in particular putting his whole face in the water.
 Like any toddler, when he gets overtired he is put into his bedroom to rest. Last Sunday, when we were all chilling out, I was reading my book and when I looked up there was Max with his top lip resting on the wires of the cage. It was like he was smiling at me...

Going for walks is getting easier as he learns that not every person, or dog wants to have him rushing at them. Our mornings start at 5.30am with a walk around the park so that he can chase his ball, and more recently the rabbits that seem to be everywhere. In the evening we are off for another walk, we are both getting pretty fit, which is not a bad thing.



I am glad Max is settling down. That is a funny photo of him in his cage! Nice to be getting fit as a by product too!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B

He is such a handsome pup! And, seems like he's made a good chioce in a home with you :-)

Filip Demuinck

Our Golden Retriever doent like water. Probably the only one in the world.



Angela I love these pic's of him. Every one.
I'm glad things are settling down.
He's beautiful.


Max sounds like a lot of fun, and he's gorgeous!

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