Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Let Me Introduce you to Max...

We have a new member of our household. Phil and I have adopted a 13month old Golden Labrador/German Shepherd called Max. Unfortunately his previous owners are unable to keep him as his mum is very sick with a major heart problem, she is no more than 25 years old and the sweetest girl.

Her husband works overseas, and with two young children she just cannot give Max the life that he deserves.

Phil and I always knew that we would get another dog, and it has been two years since our beloved Boxer passed away . Our view was that our next dog would find us, and we would have another dog in our home. Three weeks ago an email arrived at Phil's work from Max's owner explaining her situation and saying that she needed to find new owners for Max. We made contact with her and the following weekend drove across Auckland to meet up with her and to meet Max, and what can I say, we fell in love.

Last weekend Max arrived together with his own furniture loaded onto a trailer. It was very sad for his family to say "good bye", and their emotions were very mixed as they know that his is going to be well loved and taken care of. So, he has been with us for three days, and I will be honest and say we have all been a little "shell shocked" with the changes to all of our lives.He has found things that we thought we had put away, our backyard is full of half eaten plastic pots and his toys. But today I would have to say that he is just so much more relaxed and is starting to get used to our routine. I have been walking him twice a day to use up some of his energy and I think is is "paying off".

Here are some photos of Max, I am sure that you will agree he is a superb looking young man.



How sweet can he be? Gotta love all four legged pets. He's so very handsome. But the previous owner with heart problems at 25? Sad!!!

A Wild Thing

What a beauty...he reminds me of our yellow lab 'Spud'...he was stolen out of our fenced in yard when he was just 2 years old :( that's when I got my first Cairn 'Itchy', which is how 'Scratchy'(2nd cairn)got her name...what would we do without our furry heathens!!!

Life would be BORING!!!


PS...my word verification is TURBO, maybe that should be your dogs name...ha!!!


Man he's big isn't he.
It looks like the lab came out more than the shepard.
I think he's one lucky dog to be taken in by you guys.
Can't wait to hear more about how he's doing around the house.

Sylvia K

What a beautiful dog and how wonderful that you were able to adopt him! I know his former owner is very grateful, particularly under the circumstances. He does look as though he's enjoying himself in the last photo!! I love it! Hope your week is going well! Give Max a pat for me!


Evette Mendisabal

Mum, he is ADORBALE ... and HUGE!!! Just seeing him standing next to phil confirms it. He didn't seem THAT big when we were skyping on the weekend. I'm glad he's got a loving home with you guys!


Beautiful Max! It is good to hear that he has found a new loving home with you, and I am sure his other family are happy and relieved that that is the case. He looks very happy!


A sad story, but a happy ending!
We have always had labs and they love to chew. See if you can find a Nylabone. They are very hard, flavored with beef or chicken, and will keep him from distroying what is left of your property.
What a lucky dog :)

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