Saturday, November 5, 2011

While cleaning out the fridge I got distracted......

when I found a small bottle of something bubbly that had been sitting in the fridge for quite sometime.

Not wanting to waste the contents by pouring it down the sink I thought I would have some fun before throwing it out.

What better way to enjoy bubbles than with strawberries, and what better way to put them together than in a glass, and instead of drinking take some photos....

Happy Saturday everyone, wherever you are and whatever you are doing enjoy..

P.S. And no I didn't drink the contents.



Looks like champagne! Cheers!

Kay L. Davies

Wonderful idea. I love these photos, in colour and in black and white!

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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You didn't drink it!?
You have such a way with a camera :)


Interesting photos-I would have drunk it!


Oh, my!! That is a wonderful experiment!! I wonder if there is anything equally dead in my fridge...


Very artful use of some not so perfect produce!


oh so artsy...
I have a bottle or two in the fridge too...shall I?

Sylvia K

These are so terrific, colorful and creative and aren't you the clever, creative one to take such fun, colorful shots! I love them!! Made my evening!! Enjoy your weekend, my friend! I look forward to more like these!!!



Very cool mum, well done on being so creative :-)

Love your work!!


What a cool series of photos.

I like the switch to B&W.

You didn't drink the contents? Wow.


How would you think to do this?
Do you usually put a strawberry in drink?
I love it.


Great idea, and the results are fabulous!

Evette Mendisabal

Ooooo, I LOVE the second shot Mum! Gorgeous series. They look like they should be hung in someone's kitchen.

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