Sunday, November 27, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday ....

Yesterday we had a small gap in the cloudy weather, when the sun came out I quickly grabbed the camera for some Shadow Shots. Unbelievably we are still wearing long sleeves here, the wind seems a bit calmer today, I hope this is not a sign of the Summer ahead.

Come and join the other shadow chasers from around the world at Hey Harriet...


Have a great week ahead.  xx



The southern hemisphere is in sunny mode, the Spring a time of warmth. And strong shadows from the almost overhead sun. We don't have to travel for the artistry of shadow, they are all around the hme. And ready to capture! Very nice!


Your shadow shots make a good pair-the way the rose is pointing upwards and the shadow of the plant down, and the contrast in colours looks good too. Great shadows! Hope it warms up a bit for you. Here I want it to cool down-it has been mild for ages and it is just wrong at this time of year!


What a great shadow....that second shot is awesome. The colors in the first one are even bit as impressive. I love both of them. Lovely photography. genie

Where is my shadow,
I cannot find her anywhere,
I'm so lonely without her here.

If the lighting's right,
and I am out in the yard,
I bet I'll see her again.

That will make me smile,
My loneliness will end
I'll be with my friend.

The Summer Kitchen Girls

The rose is gorgeous Angela...we can only imagine how lovely it smells right now! Happy SSS!
Karla & Karrie


Beautiful shots!

Shadow at my page, please come and see.


nana that is one gorgeous YELLO flower .. the picture is so crisp and clean and illustrating the inner petal shadows .. the bottom shadow is brilliant !
Joy : )


fantastic shadow!
so strong and perfect
lovely flower

A Wild Thing

I know what you mean, we are holding our breathe for that first measurable winter snowfall, like waiting for that first hot spring day, we wait in tortured silence knowing...soon!!!

Have a great hopefully sunny week friend!



Everything is grey here; the cloudy sky and the rain filled air. Apparently there's a lot more rain coming too. Your shadow shot is beautiful, so crisp and clear. I also love the translucency of that yellow petal. It's so delicate!

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