Thursday, November 24, 2011

Walk through the cemetary..

As bizarre as it may sound, I find it very interesting walking through the headstones at our local cemetary. It is sad to see the ages of some of those who have passed, and to see part of the history of our town.  I recognise some of the family names, and some of the families are still living in the area today. These are some of the photos I took a few weeks ago...



I agree with you, Angela, cemeteries offer some great photo ops.Your shots here are excellent, and I love the sepia tone, it looks so right for them!

Filip Demuinck

Impressive, I will certainly do something similar but I am awaiting the right conditions. A bit of fog early in the morning. I loved the most famous cemetary ever, Pere Lachaise in Paris.



It is interesting to walk around these places and to read the inscriptions on the stones. So many stories of lives to wonder about. I like your photos-sad to see the broken graves though-weathering does a lot of damage.

A Wild Thing

I too love the old stones, my daughter lives across the street from one of our cemeteries...three years ago a tornado stormed through it leaving a 100' wide path of destruction, tipping over huge old stones and ripping out 100 year old oak trees...but the scary thing was, it went across the highway from my house, past my daughters house and over my Dad's house and no one had any damage...we were so lucky, not so much for others. The little town across the hwy from me was torn in two...SOOOO lucky we were and Scratchy was home alone!

Google 'the blue angel' in Muscatine Iowa, on full moons you can see her glow from my daughters house. She's a beautiful white marble statue holding a rose, her mausoleum has blue glass windows, giving it an eery blue glow on a clear night...scary!



I have so many pictures from headstones from around the world. It's like a bit of history captured in stone. And it makes for great photos.


I know I've said this before, but you and that camera.....!
Old cemetaries are beautiful, and you're right, so much history.

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Loved the fence picture above....but these cemetary pictures are really great Angela! Love them all! Don't you think a photo book full of headstones would be neat? We do!! Thanks for sharing them (we loved reading them as well!!)

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