Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Fences... Wild daisies through the fence...

 I love this time of year, where we live, the fields are full of white daisies and look so pretty.

 Check out the link below to see what others have captured:


Sylvia K

Love the sunny, spring look of the daisies -- we're expecting snow tonight! Have a lovely, warm weekend!


Gemma Wiseman

The daisies create a very interesting presentation of this fence line! Lovely!

Bridget Larsen

isnt that absolutely beautiful sight to be hold
Bridget #2


I love it when NZ and AU bloggers post spring flowers. Thank you from CA!

Jan n Jer

So pretty...its nice to see a shot of spring while we are heading into our winter here in the U.S. everything will be black n white for a while! Thanks for playing FF


looks so pretty, Only few months till we have Spring over here :)


Lovely picture!! Nice to be having Summer! Cold and frosty here.


Oh that is one gorgeous photo
Were you standing there? Oh dear..sweet sweet sweet
If it is your photo...may I borrow it for a poem of mine for my poetry journal?


This is beautiful!
It is the epitome of spring beauty and little girls in white dresses. :)
I love it!
Carletta@Round The Bend


that's a really nice fence shot & i absolutely love the daisies... definitely frame worthy! =)


wild flowers and fences...what more could you ask for...nice...


Simply a beautiful shot.


I had to catch my breath when I clicked on your photo! What a simply beautiful composition--the wildflowers, grasses, dark treeline and weathered fence. Love this one!


This is beautiful!


What a lovely field of wild daisies. Beautiful shot, Angela.


So beautiful, and very similar to what a summer field looks like over here. This photo could easily have been taken in Norway!


Such a lovely shot, I miss daisies at this time of year here. Great perspective with the fence too.

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