Saturday, December 31, 2011

See ya 2011...... Hello 2012

It is New Years Eve here in New Zealand and as I am writing this I am thinking to myself how this year as been a bit of a roller coaster ride...

Beginning with such happiness with the wedding of our daughter Samantha to Roland, it was wonderful having our family together in one place, and so much fun for everyone to catch up.

                                                     Photo taken by Evette

In August I took a trip to Utah to visit Evette, Jared, Emma and Lucca. Emma was starting school and I had promised her that I would be there to walk to school with her on her first day. Such a proud moment, and a memory that I will never forget. I had a fantastic time, and also had a chance to meet some of my blogging friends who live in Salt Lake City....

The rest of the year plodded on with not a lot happening, that was until November arrived and we added a new member to our family, we decided to adopt Max, who you have all been introduced to over the past few months... a (now) 15month old Golden Labrador/German Shepherd cross. He has become a great part of our lives and entertains us constantly..

Sadly, November also brought some news that has devastated our family. At the end of November my M.I.L.  Joy was hospitalized and diagnosed with terminal cancer. This has totally floored us all as there were no signs of her being ill. Her battle with this dreadful disease was lost on Christmas Day, when she passed away at 8.30pm surrounded by family. Our Christmas Day was taken up with trips to the hospital to be with Joy and was particularly hard on my son's partner who was celebrating her first Christmas in New Zealand away from her family in England.

R.I.P. Joyce Ada Dunn 1927 - 2011

So, as I ponder what is in store for 2012, let me wish you all a Happy New Year. xx 



Great re-cap.
I think it's a nice day to have passed on though don't you?
Sorry about your sons partner.
Oh well.
Great picture of your MIL.
She's in a great place doing great things.

Sylvia K

Surely a year filled with ups and downs, highs and lows -- I've had a similar one! But wonderful memories remain the most important of all! Wishing you and your family a most beautiful and wonderful Happy New Year!



The pics from Samantha's wedding are so romantic and beautiful, and I know you had a great time with your grandkids in the US. They grow so fast, don't they? Max is really delightful :-)
So sorry to hear about your mother-in-law, it's so hard on everyone when things like that happens with people we love.
I wish you all the best for the new year.
Hugs :-)
(BTW, What happened to your blog Two daughters, one mother, three cameras? I can't seem to find it any more?)

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Angela, I am so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law, please accept our sympathies!
What a whirlwind of a year for you. Your daughter and her husband look perfectly happy in the pictures...and we love that beach scene wedding picture ~ lovely! Wishing you and your family all the best in 2012! We have so enjoyed chatting with you throughout the year!
Karla & Karrie


So sorry to hear of your sadness over losing your mil....the photo of her shows such a bright smile...
Your daughter's wedding photo is lovely..she also has a beautiful smile ...but walking your granddaughter to school
so hard to be so far away from them.....and you got to meet Red...lucky you...was she as funny in person?
Well as you reflect on this past year...know we all hold you in our thoughts and prayers ...

Kay L. Davies

It seems our years are like that now, births and deaths, weddings and graduations, starting school, meeting new people — it's not a bad life, especially if you have a big yellow dog. I'm a firm believer in big yellow dogs. They add something special to life, don't they?
All best wishes for 2012,

Kay & our golden girl Lindy, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

Filip Demuinck

A Happy New Year to you and your family. Good family pictures in this article.



You daughter is so beautiful in her wedding pictures. I love that second pictures of you guys.
I am so sorry about you MIL. I know mine is like a mom to me.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!!!!


What a devastating time for your family and your loss of MIL...tho, I tend to think that once they've left us behind, they no longer suffer the turmoil and pain...they're now with peace. Sad tho. And your daughter made a beautiful bride...of course, you don't need to be told that. The sweet 4 legged family member is a doll-face!!! And the part that had me in tears was the day you walked that sweet little girl to school on her first day. Wow....chilling and as you say, and eventful memory that will never fade.

Thanks for visiting today, and have a happy new year.


I'm sorry about your mother-in-law, but glad that she could have her family around her. My mother-in-law is in the midst of a longer battle with cancer. Hopefully it won't be terminal very soon. But either way, isn't that what Christmas is all about?

I hope 2012 is off to a calmer start, and that the year brings you happiness.

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