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Anzac Day - 25 April - Lest We Forget

Taken at War Memorial Waiuku - Anzac Day 2011

Wednesday ( tomorrow) is Anzac Day here in New Zealand and in Australia. This is the day for us to all take some time and remember those men and women, young and old, who experienced the horrors of war. Not only the First and Second World Wars, but also those who fought in Korea and Vietnam, and those who are still today involved in peace keeping duties around the world, fighting a different type of war.

Anzac stands for Australia New Zealand Army Corps, and to us here in New Zealand and over in Australia it signifies those years when both our countries fought side by side to give us the life stlye that we have today.

For us, as a family, it is a time to reflect on those people who fought in the war. My Uncle Ivan, who I never knew, was killed in the Second World War, in the then Yugoslavia aged 18years.

 Pop, my father-in-law, who experienced the horrors first hand, was in the Merchant Navy ( having tried at 15yrs to join the Navy and told to "bugger off lad you're way to young") but lied his way into the Merchant Navy.  This year will be difficult for us all as it is the first Anzac Day without Nan. I know that Pop will struggle with all the emotions tomorrow, remembering the war, and not having Nan here as his support.

Nan and Pop Anzac Day 2011

Taken at the War Memorial here in Waiuku - 2011

The Red Poppy has become a symbol to us of those years, to all of the men and women, not only those in the military, but also those who stayed home and worked on the farms, in the factories, they also played a huge part in the war effort and should not be forgotten.

It is important to make sure that our children and grandchildren understand the importance of remembering this day.

Lest We Forget...



Sylvia K

A beautiful and very moving post!! Thank you! May we never forget!


Jenny Woolf

I have just been reading some things about the war and realise that we (luckily) can't really imagine how terrible it was.

Not surprised that some people who lived through it were never keen to discuss it.


Brilliant post.

Evette Mendisabal

We all need a reminder that the comfort we enjoy TODAY comes because of the burdens placed on the shoulders of those who were strong enough to fight for our freedom and rights YESTERDAY.

Enjoy your day f remembrance tomorrow, I'll be there with you guys in spirit.

Love you!


Yes-it is so important to remember those who were and are so brave for others. Sad that your Nan is no longer with you, but I am sure you will all be a great support to your Pop.


God bless your family as you remember those you have personally lost. May we all remember those who fight, and those who gave their lives for our freedoms! This was a very moving post.


thanks, and give your Pop a special love.

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