Saturday, April 7, 2012

A slice of New Zealand .....

Last weekend Samantha and I went to Mangawhai  ( mang - a - why ) an hours drive from where she lives. We were taking part in a  photography walk with a local professional photographer. We had such a great day, and learnt heaps.

We spent some time down at the beach, Mangawhai is a very different beach from the one near my home. With it's white sand, and emerald water even on a windy day Mangawhai is magical....



Your photos are as magical as this beach is mystical, Angela.

How wonderful to learn from a professional.. but in all honesty you photography has always been excellent.

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Sylvia K

A magical place indeed, Angela! And what incredible captures! Really breathtaking! I agree with Pam, it's wonderful to be able to learn from a professional and you'll make great use of what you learned, but your photos have always been fantastic!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!



The azure waters really say to me 'paradise' - the nicest beaches have a white sand and aqua surf. This beach is a little rugged, but so lovely indeed!


Love love love this last photo!


Love that last pic and I'm so glad you got to do this with Sam.

Evette Mendisabal

Brings a lump to my throat Mum. Absolutely stunning shots!

Gallery Juana

Oooh ... I've never seen emerald green water. These are gorgeous shots!

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