Sunday, April 8, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday..

 Taken at the beach early this morning, the weather is just gorgeous, on this our Easter Weekend Break. A last splash of sunshine and warmth before Winter arrives.

Join the rest of the Shadow Chasers from around the globe at the link below.


Sylvia K

Wonderful shadow shot for the day, Angela, as always! The weather does look so beautiful! We've had a gorgeous day here in Seattle today with clear, clear blue skies, no wind and lots of sunshine! Heavenly for the holiday -- although I don't know if it will last past this evening!! But I've enjoyed it while it was here!! Enjoy the remainder of your weekend and a very Happy Easter to you and your family!



A wonderful shadow shot! I like the way the fence is not seen but the shadow is....and the distant skyless horizon!

Gemma Wiseman

Your last warmth creates such a pretty light effect on this scene and lovely crisp shadow lines!


Well, I would imagine that the NS autumn and winter aren't as cold as up here - but being islands, a damp coolness is no more inviting. So, as in all changeable climates, it is best to enjoy and record the last nice days...Happy Easter!

The Summer Kitchen Girls

Just beautiful! Love how that shadow is so straight...while the fence isn't :) Enjoy your Easter Angela!
Karla & Karrie


A nice, bold shadow on the beach. We're having beautiful weather for our Easter weekend, too. :)


Lovely shadows you found along the water's edge. Fencing and rails make such wonderful shadows.
I love the little dress in the picture above too. I wish I was talented enough to sew things like that. I have made a few things for my kids, but struggled with them. My Mother used to make dresses for me when I was small. I always loved them.
Happy sunday!!


Love the shape of this shadow....

Evette Mendisabal

Love them Mum!


Very clean lines! I miss the feeling of walking with your bare feet in the seashore!

Garden Shadows
Your beautiful contribution to shadow shots 2 is greatly appreciated.

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