Friday, August 17, 2012

'Chill' it's Friday and it's Spring...

Have a great Friday everyone, and a wonderful weekend ahead. Thought I would share these with you.

and it's Spring. At long last, after weeks of rain we have had two days in a row of dry, warm weather and overnight the blossoms have arrived.

There is a lovely old villa on the way to work that every Spring looks stunning. I stopped on my way home to snap a few shots.

Angela xx


The Summer Kitchen Girls

Gorgeous Angela!! Love spring's beautiful blossoms! Enjoy!

Sylvia K

I do love your beautiful spring flowers, Angela, and I love the Happy Weekend wishes from the happy doggies! Fun and lovely post for the day! Enjoy your weekend!!


Great shots! Hope you have a happy and restful weekend!! You must be glad it's Spring!!!


Oh boy...Spring is a favorite time of year for me. And the blossoms on the tree that you've shared is just absolutely gorgeous.

I'm patiently waiting for Autumn here, that means a cool down. Finally....but, it's long in coming this far south.

Happy Weekend to you too, Angela.

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