Monday, August 27, 2012

Magnificent Magnolia.....

Spring is now here, the trees are sprouting green leaves, blossoms are out and the Magnolias are all out and are stunning.

This year the trees are loaded with blossoms, and they seem to me to be pinker and larger than last year.
These images were taken at the Botanical Gardens....

Angela xx



These are so beautiful!!! Just as you are beginning Spring, we are beginning Fall. I love God's plan to change the seasons as He does!!

Sylvia K

I love the magnolia and what beautiful captures, Angela! I love seeing your spring beauty as autumn slips into Seattle!! Have a lovely week!

A Wild Thing

Here in Iowa, it seems that Autumn is creeping up earlier than normal, birds are bunching and heading out, leaves are falling off trees and mornings are cool. Everyone here loves Autumn, as do I, but it also means summer is at an end and cold weather is around the corner...I DO NOT LIKE COLD WEATHER...I feel it will be a long one, especially with all the crazy BS going on world wide, it doesn't seem that any of us will be spared their insanity...take care old friend and enjoy those magnolias!

Evette Mendisabal

It truly is magnificent!

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