Friday, August 3, 2012

What happened to July?

I can't believe that it is August already. Where the heck did July go to. I haven't even put as many posts up as I normally would.

My job, selling advertising, is tough. Clients are very careful where they are spending their advertising dollars, and this makes it very difficult.  This week all I keep on thinking about is the weekend.... feeling a bit like this...

This month was my MIL,  Nan's birthday, one of the firsts since she passed away last Christmas, it was a difficult day for us all, but especially for Phil and Pop who I know were struggling .

Pop, FIL, has had a knee replacement and at 88yrs old has managed pretty well both with the op and with his recovery. He will be in hospital recuperating for at least 5 weeks, and I know that he will miss his little home and his routine.

My Saturdays have been busy taking photos of the team that are training for the World Cup in Taekwon-do in England in October.  I am really enjoying this experience.. the photos are then uploaded onto the Taekwon-do website for everyone to view, which is  really exciting, especially when I see the number of people who view them.

The weather is very mixed, mostly lots of rain, and cold, with very few fine days.

But having said that, the signs of Spring are here. Lambs are being born, Daffodils are blooming, blossoms are out and the Magnolia are looking stunning. Hopefully the weather behaves itself..

I am looking forward to a warm and sunny August.

Have a great weekend , Angela xx



That "Can you see Friday yet?" share was a hoot. I love it. Tho, I don't work, I've had some long weeks and still, I look forward to a weekend. Weird, I know.

Birthdays of loved ones passed on is always difficult. My parents have been gone over 20 years now, and when their birthdays roll around, I truly have them in my thoughts and wishing they were still with me.

Beautiful flowers. Now....go out and enjoy your weekend. Friday is HERE.


loved the photo ha ha
Boy you are a busy bee
hope spring is beautiful
for you


This year is flying by alright.
I hope get your warm days,
Lots of love going out to you guys this week.


Time does fly (when you're having fun)! I know you must be glad to see signs of Spring! I'm always ready for the next season. I'm really eager for Fall, since we've had such a hot, dry summer!
Happy weekend!

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