Monday, March 29, 2010

I am speechless..

WOW!!!! My wonderful, thougthful sister Linda has sent me some books that she felt I may be interested in having. Linda is the original crafter in our family, she sews beautiful gifts for our family, knits garments that are just exquisite and does lots of other things to fulfil her crafty passion. Over the years she has always encouraged me (mostly without success) to look into myself and pull out that sewing passion that she knows that I had when I was younger and she knows is in me waiting for the right time to surface. Last year my family bought me a sewing maching, as I had decided that now was the time for me to get back into sewing. Linda has shown a real interest in what I was sewing, and over the past few months I have been telling her that I wanted to make some "special" aprons, but was unsure how to begin, and what to start doing.

Today in the post I received two books called "Apron.ology", and I have to say they are absolutely gorgeous. I have just flicked through them and already my mind is going a million miles an hour with ideas. These are just a few of the designs that I have read about.
I have to stay focused, my immediate reaction is to start this weekend and make something up, but no, I have made a firm commitment to get Emma's dresses made and posted after Easter.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank You Linda.......The first one I make is for you.

P.S. Linda owns a store in Brisbane called Threads and More, visit her blog:

PPS. It's going to be sooo hard to get myself to work tomorrow....All I want to do is to make an apron, that looks like a piece of art


Evette Mendisabal

She is a special lady that's for sure. They look like such fun aprons Mum, really are like pieces of art. I can't wait to see what you come up with.


This is awesome.
Can't wait to see the creations.
Does she come home much and see you?
I love Brisbane.
My brohter lives in the Gold Coast at the moment.


We really are a creative bunch aren't we!!! Can't wait to see the finished products


Found your blog from your comment on my friend Bridget's blog, "Life in Red Shoes".
You live in a most beautiful place! It's so lovely!
I could smell and taste those grapes and your wine cellar story reminded me of my mom's recollections of doing the same thing.
That sweater is fantastic,I want one!


Hi Angela! So nice to meet you:)
Ahhh, aprons, I love them too, I have even made a few.
I also have a passion for sewing, no natural talent for it but not smart enough to give up!
And yes, by all means add me to your list, I'll do the same for you!


P.S. you have the 3 things I long for.




I am so jealous.

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