Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Steve recuperating after surgery..

In December 2008, while Steve was playing Soccer,  he tripped and fell, and broke the radius bone in his left arm. It was such a random thing to happen, especially as Steve does motocross and snowboards,  The break required an operation where a plate was placed into his arm and screwed into the bone to hold the bone together to help it to heal.

Yesterday, 15 months later, Steve had surgery to remove the plate and screws. He was in surgery for an hour, stayed overnight and has come home to Waiuku to recuperate.
  As you can see it is very painful, and very swollen. He will be off work for a few weeks.



I hope the recovery goes well.

Evette Mendisabal

Nothing like being with mum for a little TLC. I wonder how long he'll be staying, better watch out mum he might never leave!! Just don't feed him too well and you might be okay. hehehe



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