Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Mangawhai Walking Weekend

I have just spent the weekend at a small coastal town 2.5 hours north from my home. I took so many photos it was hard for me to choose some for SSS. I am proud of these, as I am very much an amateur playing around with our little digital camera.  I love the sun rays shining through the trees onto the rocks. I was looking up the side of a cliff when I took this. The other photo was taken at the top of a bush walk that we did, looking through to the estuary.


Greyscale Territory

Love how the ray of light pours onto the rocks and what a stunning view in the second photo!

Sweet Repose

Oh this paradise I see...what a beautiful island to tour!!!


So jealous what amazing scenery!!!

Evette Mendisabal

Gorgeous!! Just one of the many reasons I can't wait to come home to NZ.

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